Center of Innovative Therapies was founded to allow patients participation in clinical trials in many areas of medicine, in a short distance from their place of living, where the particular protocol procedures are professionally planned and conducted in the interests of the patient and the quality of data.

Center’s location allows doctors to conduct clinical trials in their workplace, where there is a natural access to the population in most therapeutic areas and where most medical procedures can be performed.

Center of Innovative Therapies offers a full range of clinical trials in outpatient setting. We undertake clinical trials according to ICH-GCP guidelines and requirements of the law in our sites, organized on the basis of operating outpatient clinics that deal with patient care through contracts with the National Health Fund (public health care) and offer private health care.

This allows our center to achieve projected recruitment objectives and carry out projects according to the protocol at the highest level.

The respect for traditional values of medical profession is addition to essential competencies which allow our site to conduct even the most complicated protocols.

In our work, we are not afraid to break patterns of thinking, which is particularly useful in an increasingly complicated systems, databases, and procedures of international clinical trials.

Center of Innovative Therapies proposes a comprehensive conducting clinical trials by providing staff involvement, timeliness, quality of documentation and the ability to perform most of the research and diagnostic procedures.